Avery Sinclair has spent her life prepping for Miss Teen Arizona, where fake smiles and practiced poise are second nature. Born with a port-wine birthmark that covers half her face, pageants used to be more about building confidence than winning trophies. Until her mom became obsessed with the scholarship opportunities. Now Avery’s not sure who she wants to win for anymore.


As the often ignored younger sister, Violet Sinclair has no patience for Avery’s drama. Not when stacks of unpaid bills are piling up, their parents won’t stop fighting, and the girl Violet’s in love with treats her like a dirty secret. But on the pageant circuit, everything is fine. Especially when it’s not.


After Avery unexpectedly loses a preliminary title to Violet, the two reevaluate what they hope to gain from collecting crowns. Avery takes a job at a rock climbing gym, and Violet gets involved with her sister's magnetic co-worker, bringing them closer than ever before. But as their home life implodes, old feelings of competition and misconceptions threaten to break their delicate bond. In order to hold each other together they must confront all the reasons why their family fell apart.

Summary of Coming Clean

High school senior, Cassidy Toller, lives in fear of the doorbell. She’s on prom court with the most exclusive clique, but it’s all a front. At home, the trash is stacked ceiling-high, the second floor is caving in, and don’t even get her started on the roach-infested kitchen. Nothing gets thrown out. Every pile of junk has meaning. She’s drowning in her neurotic mom’s grief.


After numerous failed attempts to clean, Cassidy signs them up for Kluttered Kingdoms, a reality show featuring hoarders. If they expose their living conditions to the world, her mom will get free psychological help. Cassidy is willing to make the trade-off. So long as the episode airs after graduation. Hiding the truth gets complicated when she’s forced to work on a science project with Rafe Afshar, the only person who can see the girl behind the popular façade.


As Cassidy grows closer to Rafe, she’s scared her secret will unravel. Until the Kluttered Kingdoms producer gives her an ultimatum: begin filming a live show now, or give up the opportunity. With no guarantee her mom will respond to therapy, Cassidy must decide if the life she’s built outside her home is worth sacrificing for the chance to come clean.

Summary of One of Those Girls

Sonia Hartl